Key concepts

In this page you’ll find basic concepts you need to successfully use PowerPointGeneratorAPI.


The outermost container in PowerPointGeneratorAPI is called a Presentation.

A presentation contains a list of pages. Each page contains a list of shapes.


There are 3 types of pages:

Page TypeDescription

Slide Masters

Slide Masters define the default text styles, background, and page elements that appear in all of the slides that use this master. Shapes that must appear on all slides should be added to the master.

Most presentations have one Slide Master, but some may have several.

Slide Layouts

Slide Layouts serve as a template for how shapes will be arranged by default on slides using a layout. Each layout is associated with a Slide Master.


These pages contain the content you are presenting to your audience.

Most slides are based on a Slide Master and a Slide Layout. You can specify which layout to use for each slide when it is created.


Everything on a page is a shape. There are different types of shapes, each one with its own set of behaviors.

Shape TypeDescription


A Text box shape is designed to display text content.


A Picture shape is a graphic, like a drawing, a photo or any kind of image that has been imported into your PowerPoint presentation.


A Table shape is an array of rows and columns (cells) to contain data you want to show in your presentation.


A Chart shape is a visual representation of data.

You’ll find a few examples of different charts in the Charts section in this documentation. That’s a limited list, PowerPoint Generator API supports almost any chart you can come up with.

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